SHAILENDRA BHATNAGAR & ASSOCIATES (SBA) has a diversified legal practice with an equally strong corporate, civil and criminal practice. In addition to specialist areas of practice, the associates bring to the Firm, diverse backgrounds with experience as litigators, corporate practitioners and corporate in-house counsels. This wealth of knowledge enables SBA to offer our clients comprehensive solutions to their most challenging legal issues within the clients’ deadlines in virtually every area of law.

                            Our Organization consists of associates; and other paralegal and support staff.  Shailendra Bhatnagar, drives our corporate and Recoveries, Bankruptcy & Reorganization.

                        PRACTICE AREAS

SBA is a ‘Total Solutions’ Firm.  We are one of the few firms that are able to provide the client with a total package of services and multidimensional advice, while keeping in mind all aspects of the law. Unlike most law firms in India, SBA attorneys are able to draw on their unique expertise in both civil and criminal law and collaborate to ensure that both areas are considered on all transaction, litigation and general advisory services rendered to our clients. This through approach, however, is undertaken in the most pragmatic fashion in order to provide our clients with comprehensive but economically efficient advice.  As a matter of fact, we at SBA jokingly refer to our advice as ‘pragmalegal’ advice.

Our areas of expertise are FMCG, NBFC’s, Textile Industry, Banking Law, the Securitisation and reconstruction of financial assets and enforcement of security interest, Corporate Law Including Mergers and Acquisitions; Commercial Transactions; Intellectual Property Law, Real Estate Law; Criminal and Civil Litigation; and Advisory. 

                                RECOVERIES, BANKRUPTCY At SBA we have a team devoted to Recoveries, Bankruptcy and Reorganization. This department specializes in credit risk control, fraud management and debt resolution. Our clients include Banking Companies, Non-Banking Finance Companies (NBFCs) as well as Sick Units and all other non-banking companies.


                           REPRESENTATIVE CLIENT LIST


                             LITIGATION & ARBITRATION
 SBA has an equally strong criminal and civil litigation practice.   We also do mediations and arbitrations.

We are successful litigators because we spend time in developing and devising effective strategies for our Clients. Litigation in India can be protracted and, hence, very time consuming. Thus, we have learned through the years to use litigation as an effective tool to meet our Clients needs – turning the negative aspect of Indian court.
Delays into an advantage for our clients.  Essentially, we use the litigation complexity to further the goals of our Clients, often stressing to them that ‘winning’

has many different dimensions. ‘Winning’ also means achieving realistic, efficacious and timely results as opposed to just “legal wins” that remain relegated to paper.
We represent our Clients at various courts and tribunals, including the Honorable Supreme Court of India, the Honorable High Courts & District Courts.

Trade Practices Commission, the Debt Recovery Tribunals, Consumer Forums and other dispute resolution forums and bodies.

                             Our litigation expertise is in the following areas:

                   REAL ESTATE

Unlike other jurisdictions of the world, transacting in real estate in India is extremely complex. India is a quasi-federal state with myriad legislation governing land and other real estate. In India, a real estate transaction is inherently fraught with risk .SBA has expert in-house knowledge in this area and, therefore can provide services that enable our Clients to make safer investments.

Our services include conducting due diligence, reviewing title documents, conducting search at the Registry, physical searches of properties, and meeting the local authorities. We also participate in negotiations if desired by the Clients and draft the transaction documents. Our services include:



MR. Shailender Bhatnagar

Mr Bhatnagar looks into both Criminal and civil matters. He is the member of Bar council of India since 1993 a law graduate from Delhi University
Mr. Bhatnagar heads our Banking and NBFC Division which specializes in Money Recoveries. He has a wide range of experience in adjudication of commercial disputes including debt recoveries by and against Bankers, Financial Institutions; NBFCs, Retailer  End Network, Textile Industries etc.

Mr. Bhatnagar always says, he measures his success by the ‘real money’ recovery his clients have had. In effect Mr. Bhatnagar is a specialist in post decree executions and is very successfully running programmers with various Banks and NBFC in reducing their NPA (Non Performing Assets). He also represents clients before the Debt Recovery Tribunal and other civil court.

Mr. Bhatnagar has vast experience of Mediation.  He is a trained Mediator in Delhi High Court.   The training was conducted under the guidelines of High Court Judges & Supreme  Court Judges.